I am Änna, an oriental dancer, teacher, choreographer and festival organizer of Filipino origin living in Bordeaux, France.

Did you know that there were Sultans living in an Arabian Night palaces in my country? That was in the past history.

However, it is not because of them but to an encounter that I owe my love for Oriental Dance: thanks to you,  Miss Nilda Boquiren, for imparting, sharing, guiding me for this passion in oriental dance that started all the way back in Manila, Philippines.

A long journey later, and after 5 years of hard work, I then decided afterwards and continue to study in order to progress, through more timely learning but also more intensive trainings by international artists in international festivals and private classes, as well to master teachers whom I've been following for years. Thus, I had and have the chance and the pleasure to participate many times, in workshops led by the famous Egyptian dancer Mohammed Shahin, for which I have an infinite admiration. A huge thank you also to Aida Anny, with whom I took private lessons, to broaden my skills in "pure" dance, beyond the oriental dance.

In 2013, I decided to travel more and more abroad for intensive trainings, joined and will still continue to do it in international competitions, workshops and shows. I will never forget that very first experiences I had in the international oriental dance competition in Venice for  "HESHK BESHK" festival in front of international stars, like Rankda Kamel, Virginia Mendez, Munique Neith, Aziza, Tito, Yousry Sharif, Yasser and Nour and also in Egipto en Barcelona by Muniqe Neith. Those experiences molded me of who I am today and would like to impart my skills and knowledge, help and guide each single student in my school especially the one's who wish to become a professional artist one day.


Aside from that, I am also the director of an international  oriental dance festival "ORIENTAL GROOVE" in Bordeaux, which I created in 2013 and "I WANNA DANCE" in 2017. Since then, every year, the students of our association present their work, and "mingle" with great artists from the international scene that we invite. The best years has started to shine for our students in the different competitions :


- Nissa Shams finished in 3rd  place (in 2016 and 2017) 2 years in a row at the Jawhara Oriental Festival of Nantes

- Zoé Klecka finished 1st place in the contest "Nos Jeunes Ont Du Talent" in 2017

- Änna & Olena finished 4th place in their very first (group) international dance competition "EGIPTO EN BARCELONA" by Munique Neith in Barcelona 

- Änna & Olena finished 3rd place in the contest "BORDEAUX ORIENTAL DANCE"

And during our festival "ORIENTAL GROOVE 5" with Yael Zarca, Zomzom, Amar Chaoui, Anaïs, Elsa & Saya as juries: 

- Paola finished 1st place & Alysa 2nd place category Child

- Virginie & Veronica finished 2nd in the Group category

- Marine finished 3rd place Advanced category


In addition, I continue to receive positive feedbacks from other students outside from my school and other teachers regarding the quality of my job. More and more students contact me for private classes to help them prepare for the competitions and also for me to create exclusive choreographies for them.  I would definitely say that I take pride with the quality of my job. Quality is better than quantity and this is the main raison as well why I limit the number of students in each class. 


In September 2016, I officially created Oriental Groove dance company, compose with students who have been following me for years. We share our common love and passion for this dance in a good and sisterly atmosphere. 


I dream of Egypt and dancing ..... dance and Egypt ..... it's my passion and I live with it. 


​​A sincere THANK YOU to all these teachers : 

- Nilda Boquiren, my very first teacher

- Mohammed Shahin, my master teacher who inspires me a lot 

​- Mercedes Nieto, my master teacher who inspires me a lot 

- Camelia of Cairo

- Aida Anny

- Aziza of Cairo

- Randa Kamel

- Farida Fahmy

- Tito Seif

- Yousry Sharif

- Khaled Mahmoud

- Elena Ramazanova

- Virginia Mendez

- Aziza

- Dr Mo Geddawi

- Wael Mansour

- Marta Korzun

- Yaël Zarca

- Yasmina de Caire

- Magdy El Leisy

- Amir Thaleb

- Jillina

- Raquia Hassan

- Munique Neith

- Carla Pedicone

- Jade El Jabel

- Darya Mitskevich

- Feriel Rodriguez

- Myrto

- Zomzom

- Taly et Kareem Gad 

- Anna Borisova

- Aladin El Kholy

- Julia Farid Torgonska

Photo par : Aziz Afkir

Oriental Groove Dance Group 



- Richard Guérin (Paris Photographer)

- Eddy Lamazzi (Paris Photographer)

- Emilie Véchambre (Bordeaux Photographer) 

- Ilona Shmonova (Bordeaux Photographer)

- Sandra Silhanova

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​- My family

- Yaël Zarca Collection  

- Boutique Perle Orientale

- To all the dancers, collegues in oriental dance/bellydance

- My friends

- Associations who continue to contact me for their events after all these years

- To the public/audience of all our shows who have been following all our events since ORIENTAL GROOVE 1 


© 2013 by Änna 


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